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About Us
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Our People and Workplace:

Our empowered team is the source of our strength and success. We are committed to cultivating an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration is evident in every corner of our global network. From inspiring workspaces to flexible work opportunities that prioritize a healthy balance between work and life, we strive for excellence both inside and outside the office. We inspire and help individuals achieve their career goals, and advance on the corporate ladder! Our goal is to encourage a dynamic work culture filled with creative energy.

1. Diversity and Inclusion:

Kyyba Music supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our pursuits. We recognize each individual’s ability to make an impact not only within the company but around them as well. By providing equal opportunity and a safe work environment for all employees globally, we seek to foster innovation through diverse thinking that is vital for achieving success across every sector of business today.

2. Social Impact:

Music heals! It captivates and unites us! It is the driving creative forces that can push the boundaries. We foster the idea of helping and supporting deserving people to contribute towards creating a positive change in this world. A significant part of the profit goes to Kyyba Kids, a philanthropic organization that supports underprivileged women and children in different parts of the world, by empowering them with education, development, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

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28230 Orchard Lake Road,
Farmington Hills,
MI 48334,

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